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Meet National Church Residences

Patrick Duggan


At Boston Financial and our parent company ORIX Corporation USA, one of our core values is social responsibility, so in the last year we’ve donated $500,000 to affordable housing nonprofits providing support to address housing insecurity. We’re celebrating our nonprofit grantees and encourage you to learn more about them and their good work in the community.

According to the National Council on Aging, over 15 million adults aged 65+ (roughly 1 in 3) are economically insecure, earning incomes below 200% of the Federal poverty level, and older women are more likely to live in poverty as a result of wage discrimination and/or having to take time out of the workforce to care for others.

This holiday season, we are reminded of the struggles that the most vulnerable members of our society faced every day and celebrate the organizations that work tirelessly to provide help and hope to them. Meet National Church Residences. National Church Residences provides quality care and services to over 45,000 seniors residing in their senior living communities, plus many more who National Church Residences cares for in communities across the country or the comfort of their homes.

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