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Boston Financial Is Committed to Closing the Gap in Affordable Housing for Communities of Color

Patrick Duggan


As we begin Black History Month, Boston Financial recognizes the immense contributions of Black Americans while also acknowledging the disparities across the housing industry for people of color. A home means more than just a roof over your head – quality, stable housing means access to jobs and education, and a stepping-stone on the path to building generational wealth. Historical housing policies have contributed to economic disparities and lack of access to educational and other resources for people of color. We support affordable housing opportunities for all individuals, including communities of color, and take pride in our partnerships with investors, developers, and state housing agencies to increase the supply of affordable housing across the U.S.

Boston Financial remains committed to closing the gap in affordable housing – partnering with organizations like National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA) that advocate for expanded affordable housing programs at the state and federal level, and the Multifamily Impact Council, which works to increase the flow of capital toward affordable housing while leveraging multifamily #impactinvesting principles aligned with global ESG certifications. Increased development resources are necessary for more affordable rental housing opportunities, with allocations towards the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program, HOME Investment Partnership program, Capital Magnet Fund, and rural housing programs.

And get involved. Join our partners at NCSHA virtually on February 28th to learn about creating and preserving housing wealth in Black and Brown neighborhoods; building credit, assets, and opportunity for low-income renters; and empowering developers of color.

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